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Grease Trap Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance

When it’s time for a grease trap cleaning, the technicians at Dennis Diffley Drain Service are a simple phone call away. Just Dial 401-737-0560 for immediate attention. We have the skill and knowledge to help you maintain a clean, environmentally friendly kitchen. We do this by helping you comply with the stict regulations established by the State for an enviromentally safe facility. You can trust Dennis Diffley Drain Service because we have earned a great reputation of working with businesses throughout Rhode Island for the past 40 years. You only stay in business that long by providing maximum customer service and satisfaction. Our experienced technicians know how to keep your kitchens and food preparation facilities functioning at an optimal level to maximize their effeciency.

Signs Of a Clogged Grease Trap

Clumps of grease and debris escape from the trap and cause blockages further down the plumbing line. However, with scheduled commercial grease trap maintenance, these problems are avoided.

Importance of Cleaning Your Grease Trap


A routine grease trap cleaning and or Interceptor cleaning is mandatory and essential to keep “FOG” (fats, oils, and grease) levels in line with State regulations. It also ensures a healthy, clean work environment for your employees and an odor-free restaurant or place of business for your customers. We provide the most professional grease trap cleaning and maintenance service available. Our skilled technicians are equipped and trained to meet the states standards in order to comply with the regulations concerning disposal of Fat, Oil and Grease from Restaurants and food preparation facilities. This translates into high quality service to each of our customers,with effective maintenance and lower costs.

Our technicians are also trained to identify issues before they have an impact on your business. Our service technicians can recognize failure of proper functioning in your Grease Trap Disposal equipment to head off any trouble in a timely fashion.

Fast Emergency Service is Our Specialty

Always get the help you need when you need it from the professionals at Dennis Diffley Drain Service. Our technicians are available 7 days a week. You can Schedule service appointments at your convenience. We are Licensed & insured, and all our work is guaranteed.

How do I Maintain my Grease Trap?

There are different methods of cleaning your grease trap or grease interceptor, depending on the size of your equipment. Most of our food preparation facilities customers with larger grease traps have a contract with Dennis Diffley Drain Service to pump-out and maintain the grease trap when the F-O-G fills the trap to the service mark. Another important factor for grease trap maintenance is to keep records of when maintenance procedures are done, such as pump outs, clean outs, etc. Also, staff should be encouraged to "NOT" just rinse everything down the drains. When possible, encourage the staff to throw solids and other waste in the trash.


Be aware of improper disposal of your grease trap waste by employees. It is imperative to tell your employees..."DO NOT" run hot water through the lines to flush out grease and other build up. This can prevent the grease from cooling in the grease trap where it can be collected and by pass the trap all together. Unfortunately this will cause the grease to be flushed further down into the sewer lines which will result in blockages from occuring in your line. This can also include big fines from the city or state when the grease ends up blocking the states sewers. In Addition to this you must be aware of products on the market that are made up of enzymes and surfactants that simply liquefy the grease to get it out of the grease trap. All this does is cause more issues down stream at the wastewater treatment plant due to the eventual coagulation and solidification of this grease. This is the reason many municipalities have prohibited the use of such products.

Take a moment and Call the professionals at Dennis Diffley Drain Serivce at (401)737-0560 ...and say goodbye to the burden of restaurant grease trap waste removal from now on. Our business is taking the burden of Fat, Oil, and Grease waste disposal away from your business. We offer you a system that helps remove the hassle and risk of Grease Trap Waste Disposal by maintaining your interceptors,traps and related drain lines to ensure proper compliance with the State of Rhode Island for all of your grease waste disposal.

How Your Grease Trap or Grease Interceptor System Works

When maintained properly, grease traps prevent your kitchen grease and food waste materials from entering the city sewer system. Grease is a leading cause of sanitary sewer overflows, since it clogs sanitary sewer lines and ultimately causes line blockages. The result is all too frequent discharges of untreated waste water into streets, homes and commercial enterprises. Ultimately these problematic waste streams enter our local waterways, where they cause further cleanup costs and restrict recreation, tourism and commerce. Your traps must be regularly emptied and periodically cleaned to prevent costly and dirty back-ups or over-flows.

  1. grease trap Your kitchen’s complete plumbing system, including sinks, dishwashers, floor-drains and mop-sinks, drains into the grease trap or grease interceptor system.

  2. Wastewater flows into either an interior or exterior (usually in-ground) grease trap system.  A baffle separates the inlet and outlet of the trap, keeping grease in. 

  3. Grease floats to the top of the grease trap, while solids settle on the bottom. The trap or interceptor must be vacuum pumped regularly by a skilled service provider to remove the entire contents of the trap.

  4. Clean water then continues to flow into your sewer or septic system.
  5. If you have any questions regarding our service, please contact the Dennis Diffley Service Team and we'll be happy to help you. Just call us at (401) 737-0560

    water dropDrain Cleaning


    We Are the Drain Cleaning Experts...sink cleaning machine

    Dennis Diffley & Sons Inc. is a leader in residential, commercial and industrial drain and sewer cleaning services with over 35 years of professional experience, serving the Rhode Island area. We are the experts you can trust. We have highly trained and experienced crews with the very latest equipment to insure that you receive a high quality drain cleaning experience .



    water dropKitchen drains inevitably become clogged...

    kitchen sink

    as common kitchen substances such as soap, grease and food particles build up in the pipes eventually causing a blockage. Dennis Diffley & Sons Inc. technicians specialize in sewer and drain repair. Our techs are trained to handle any problem you have. We will break up any clogs and remove any residual debris, restoring your pipes to pristine condition.

    If your problem is more serious than a clog, We will discuss your options with you so that you are advised all along the way.


    water dropTub and Shower drains ClogsClogged Tub

    Shower and tub drains clog over time as hair sticks to residue caused by soap and other culprits. We will send out a sewer and drain repair specialist to remove build up in the drainpipe as well as remove any clogs. The most common sign indicating a problem requiring service is standing water or draining too slowly. Clogs not attended to will worsen and could ultimately result in the need for a complete sewer or drain replacement.

    water dropToilet Drains clog up often

    ToiletToilet drains can become over loaded with waste and toilet paper. Our sewer and drain repair technicians are trained to handle your toilet backup problems easily. Our equipment can break through clogs clean the toilet lines thoroughly, restoring good drainage to your system and powerful flushes. You can have complete confidence with Dennis Diffley & Sons Inc. technicians because we are the sewer cleaning experts who can handle any problem you may have, no mater how large or small your problem may be, and because we handle both sewer cleaning and sewer construction services there is never a need to call someone else.

    If your problem is more complex than drain cleaning our trained technicians can analyze your drain problem to advise you of what is wrong and what needs to be done to restore your system. Dennis Diffley & Sons Inc. has a proven reputation for honesty, integrity and fairness demonstrated by over 35 years in business. Check our Testimonial Page, the BBB or Angie's list for further recommendations.

    water dropBathroom Sink Drains

    bathroom sink

    Bathroom Sink Drain clogs are some of the most common problems we see in the sewer cleaning business. Due to their function, sinks often become over loaded with substances such as hair, toothpaste, soap, shaving cream, facial cleansers and other products that cause grime to build up. Our trained professionals know how to get that sink unclogged quickly and easily in order to get your home or business functioning normally again.


    water dropThe Main Sewer Line could be clogged...

    main lineYour main sewer line may be the culprit if multiple drains are clogging at one time. The main sewer line is where all drains in the household lead to. The main sewer line runs underground from the house and connects to a city sewer line or a septic tank. Your main sewer line can become clogged from use of everyday household products draining into it. Some sewer issues are simply the result of tree roots that penetrate pipes and if not remedied will often require sewer and drain replacement.
    If our technician has any indication there is a problem with the main sewer line, he can perform a video camera inspection to determine if the pipe is damaged or corroded. The technician will share the video with the homeowner and present options for sewer and drain replacement if necessary.


    water dropFloor drains and outside drains floor drain

    Floor drains are commonly found in driveways, basements, small bathrooms, laundry rooms, and garages. It is good to periodically test these drains to ensure there are no clogs from dirt and debris. This can help prevent flooding at inconvenient times. Check out our Preventive Maintenance Program to assist you to keeping these lines clear.

    Our sewer and drain repair experts can quickly remove clogs and restore drainage. If more than one of your floor drains are simultaneously clogged, there may be a bigger problem that our sewer and drain replacement technicians can evaluate and handle for you..


    water dropDown Spouts and Exterior drainage systems

    Down spoutDownspout drains reroute water from the roof gutters away from your home. As gutters become full of leaves and sediment, so do the downspout drains which causes a backup. Dennis Diffley & Sons Inc. sewer and drain repair professionals can clean your downspouts and any exterior system connecting pipes to restore adequate drainage around the home. Taking action now can avoid the problems that could cause more serious basement water seepage and mold related problems that would require more extensive services in the future to remedy the situation. Give us a call at 401-737-0560 to set up an appointment for a free analysis to discuss your drainage system and how our Preventive Maintenance Program can keep you worry free.

    water dropfast-serviceWe Provide Fast and Courteous Service

    We are Conveniently Located for Fast Service. Our central location allows us to give prompt service to all of Rhode Island. In most cases we can be at your home or business within the hour. We know that when your drain is backed up it can impact your plans and the way your whole house or business operates. That is why we try to be as fast as we can so that you can get back to normal functioning as fast as possible. Just give us a call and we will be there before you know it!


    bluedrop picWe Offer Quality Service at Affordable Ratessave_money

    Our primary focus at Dennis Diffley & Sons Inc. is on providing every client with high quality and exceptional service facilitated by cutting edge technology, prompt appointments, competitive prices and outstanding customer service. Being a leader in the drain cleaning profession we seek to set an example of quality service at an affordable price. We also provide our clients with free estimates on all of our services.


    bluedrop picWe Offer Preventive Maintenance Programs

    preventive_maintenanceDennis Diffley & Sons Inc. offers a variety of Preventive Maintenance Programs that will keep your drains clear and flowing without interuption. We know that a backed up drain or flooding caused by an overflow can be a major disruption for you. Therefore we suggest you sign up for our preventive maintenace schedule that will help you avoid any future distruption of your activites at home or at your place of business . Just give us a call at 401-737-0560 to set up a regular scheduled maintenance of your drain lines if you have a problem line or one that has a lot of use. We will design a regular maintenance program that fits your needs.



    bluedrop picDrain Cleaning Services We Provide:

    • Kitchen Sinks | Bathroom Sinks | Bathtubs | Showers | Toilets | Urinals | Main Sewer Lines
    • Washer Lines | Laundry Basins | Floor Drains | Area Drains | Roof Drains|Yard Drains
    • Grease Traps | Rain Conducter Lines| Catch Basins | Any Plumbing Pipe that is clogged.




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