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Why Do I need a sump pump?Flood Basement

Start thinking about whether or not flooding is a problem in your area. Not all areas are open to basement flooding. If you live at a high elevation above the water table in a dry area, you probably are OK. However, if you live near the water table and/or in a wet climate, watch out, because flooding could very well be a problem for you.
One of the most common ways of preventing basement flooding is by means of a sump pump. These are pumps that take any water that is accumulating beneath the floor of the basement and pumps it out so that your basement does not flood.
Many homeowners ask why they need a sump pump, saying that their basement has never flooded, their home's foundation is dry as a bone, and they think it's a waste of money. However as Ben Franklin said: "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" The plain truth is there are many homeowner's that felt confident they had a dry basement and never anticipated flooding taking place and the subsequent damage caused from a flooded basement. Many homeowner's have learned from first hand experience that their property that never flooded did so when our area was hit with unprecedented rainfall. Besides these problems any water collected on the roof of your home and drained by your gutters can cause flooding if it is not carried carried far enough away from your foundation.

dollar billsSump pumps saved homeowners thousands of dollars

by protecting the basement itself and subsequently the house, the furnace, hot water tank and perhaps laundry facilities, or stored items. Many people that have a basement level can benefit form having a sump pump. In addition to relieving flooding conditions, sump pumps also help keep basement humidity low which in turn lowers the possibility of mold and mildew build-up. A wet basement is a breeding ground for additional problems such as strange odors, peeling paint, rust, and cracked floors and walls and healh realted problems from mold.
Basement flooding is often caused by water build up in the soil that makes its way into your basement. There are many ways for water to enter and many ways to prevent it from entering. If you already experiencing a wet basement then take a look at the full services that we provide to learn more about our Basement Waterproofing services.

water dropWhat Are Sump Pumps?

Zoller PumpA sump pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump pit. A sump pit, commonly found in the home basement, is simply a hole made below the basement floor level to collect water before it can reach the underside of the basement floor. The water may be collected by a basement waterproofing system, where it's funneled into the pit, or may collect because of rain or natural ground water, especially if the basement is below the water table level.


If you have already lived through the dreaded experience of a flooded basement, then you know how much damage it can cause. Even one inch of water can take many hours to clean up and causes thousands of dollars in damaged furniture and carpets. Installing a sump pump in your basement is your best defense to prevent flooding.zoeller pump

Basement flooding is often caused by water build up in the soil that makes its way into your basement. There are many ways for water to enter and many ways to prevent it from entering. A sump pump is a last defense against flooding because it pumps out water from the lowest section of the basement before the water level reaches the basement floor level. As groundwater level rises it is diverted into the sump hole. When the water reaches the critical level, the sump pump begins to pump it out through a pipe that leads outside and away from your foundation.

The sump pump has recently become more important especially in newer homes since the Federal Clean Water Act no longer allows builders in many municipalities to drain rainwater collected by gutters into sewerage systems.

water dropIf Your Basement Pump has Failed

The sump pump is the “core” of your basement’s waterproofing sytem. If it fails, you’ll take in water, often lots of water. We strongly advocate that you purchase a good brand name pump, a cheap price now does not appear like a good bargain when inches of water are ruining your basement furniture, walls, and flooring. Mechanical devices generally are thought to be prone to physical breakdown. Although sump pumps are mechanical devices, their manufacturing and specification improvements over decades, have culminated in their durability and ruggedness. Although they can stop working due to mechanical breakdown, this is rare. More typically their failure to operate is attributable to electrical utility grid malfunction. The irony of the timing of sump pump failure is that it is most likely to occur when the sump pump is needed most - during a thunderstorm, which is when there is the greatest occurrence of power failure. Therefore you need a back up plan to make sure your system keeps working.

water dropThe Need for a Battery Back System

MeyersThe best way to make sure your home is protected from a sump pump failure is to install a battery backup for it. A battery backup system is a group of components configured to ensure that sump pit pumping action is always available.
Even the most dependable of pumps will finally break down, and probably before then, you can go through a power failure when all electrical pumps are inoperative. Just for this reason, we always recommend a Battery Operated Sump System to anybody who has a storm water pump. Again, that rule of thumb applies: cheaper is not better. You need to be certain that your backup system is enough for your requirements and that the battery and battery charger are well-matched and also reliable. At Dennis Diffley drain Services, we know how to determine what your sump pump needs are, so that you will have the right product to accomplish your goals.
You can easily protect against power failure to basement pumps. In addition, you will benefit from a sump pump backup system if you often leave home for extended periods of time. Battery backup sump pump systems will give you peace of mind knowing that your home is safe even while you are away.

We have several solutions for your home's wet basement problems. Our system simply outperforms all other systems in todays waterproofing technologies. Call today for an estimate! 401-737-0560


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We are Conveniently Located for Fast Service. Our central location allows us to give prompt service to all of Rhode Island. In most cases we can be at your home or business within the hour. We know that when your drain is backed up it can impact your plans and the way your whole house or business operates. That is why we try to be as fast as we can so that you can get back tonormal functioning as fast as possible. Just give us a call and we will be there before you know it!


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Our primary focus at Dennis Diffley & Sons on providing every client with high quality and exceptional service facilitated by cutting edge technology, prompt appointments, competitive prices and outstanding customer service. Being a leader in the drain cleaning profession we seek to set an example of quality service at an affordable price. We also provide our clients with free estimates on all of our services.


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preventive_maintenanceDennis Diffley & Sons Inc. offers a variety of Preventive Maintenance Programs that will keep your drains clear and flowing without interuption. We know that a backed up drain or flooding caused by an overflow can be a major disruption for you. Therefore we suggest you sign up for our preventive maintenace schedule that will help you avoid any future distruption of your activites at home or at your place of business . Just give us a call at 401-737-0560 to set up a regular scheduled maintenance of your drain lines if you have a problem line or one that has a lot of use. We will design a regular maintenance program that fits your needs.



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