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We know how to restore your tired old septic system.backyard.

Is your leach field wet with stinking water? Have you been told that your septic system is failing and that it will cost you thousands of dollars to replace the septic system, but you don't have the money to do it!

Then you are in the right place. Dennis Diffley & Sons Inc. has the right equippment and technology to give added life to your tired septic system and bring your system back on line.

We have help many property owners over the years by returning their failing systems into functioning systems with our proven restoration technology and we can help you too!

There are many reasons why a system can fail as listed on this page.

We can give you an accurate diagnosis of your system to ensure that you know the proper course of action that is right for you. Give us a call and we will come to do a quick full analysis of your situation and find out exactly what is causing your problem. Once we evaluate your system we will explain what we can do to help you get your system back functioning quickly.


water dropSeptic System Failure: Recognizing the signs...

Septic Backup If you suspect your septic system is failing you may be right. If you notice a foul smell or see water in your yard This can be an important sign of system failure. It is obvious that the problem does not originate in the tank, but in the drainfield. Puddles of water appearing on the surface of the drain field are a good indication that the soil is flooded and the drain field is failing. It is not always easy to diagnose the cause of backups. A recent issue of the EPA newsletter Pipeline lists signs of failure as "slowly draining sinks and toilets, gurgling sounds in the plumbing, plumbing backups, sewage odors in the house, or tests showing the presence of bacteria in well water."


Here Are Some Common Symptoms of Failing Drain Fields:

If Any of these sound familiar to you don’t worry…we may be able to fix it for you!


water dropUnderstanding how your system works

Understanding how your septic system works and how it is constructed will go along way in helping you to properly manage and maintenance your septic system to help it run efficiently for years to come. knowing your septic system is a vital component of home ownership. The illustration below shows you how the average septic tank functions.

septic system

Sewage flows from the home to the septic tank through the inlet pipe and is directed to the bottom of the tank by means of the inlet baffle. The solids fall to the bottom forming the sludge layer and the grease and lighter materials flow to the top of the tank which forms a scum layer.

The liquid layer empties out into the leach field by way of the outlet pipe which is covered by an outlet baffle that keeps the scum layer and the solids from entering the leach field. By this illustration you can see that if the tank is not emptied periodically it will eventually fill up until it defeats the design of the tank overcoming the protective baffle allowing the sludge layer to enter into the leach field where it will clog the lines of the leach field causing system failure.

leach field

From there the liquid layer flows through a solid pipe into the distribution box where it is distributed into the leach field through perforated pipe that rest on a bed of rock from which the liquid layer migrates into the rocks and soil.

This is the average design layout of a normal functioning septic system. When properly maintained it can give years of dependable service. However problems can arise overtime when the system is neglected and not properly maintained and when it does Dennis Diffley Drian Services is there to help you so that you can get your drains and septic systems running smoothly as soon as possile.


water dropCommon Septic System problems:


BioMat develops blocking the leach field.

biomatOver a period of time the liquid layer seeping through the rock and into the soil develops a biomat which is a tar-like layer that forms near the surface and around the inner walls of the drain field. This biomat is made up of organic material which contains billions of microbes and naturally ocurring bacteria. When the biomat grows too dense it can form a waterproof barrier and prevent wastewater from being absorbed into the soil. When the soil absorption becomes blocked, the system will flood. Water will themn back up into the tank and into household plumbing or into the top soil where puddles appear on your lawn and you can smell the tell tale sign that your system needs professional attention. This is often the first sign of system failure in your septic system.

Broken outlet baffles in the tank

When tanks are old the outlet pipe and baffle can break away allowing grease and sludge to make its way into the leach field which evetually blocks the system. These broken pipes or baffles that was designed to prevent entry is defeated and the system can no longer properly handle the waste.

Broken or crushed drain pipesorangburg

It is never recommended to install tanks, drainpipe, or drain fields under an area where vehicles travel. The weight of vehicle traffic can compress soil, and crush plastic, or, in older systems, clay drain pipes.

Older homes built in the early 1940s used sewage pipe called Orangeberg. This pipe was made of paper and tar, and will eventually fail. If your home still has this type of pipe in the septic system it should be replaced.

Grease and Sludge escaping septic tank

All septic tanks must have waste solids removed by licensed pumping service companies periodically depending on te size of the tank and the amount of people using the system. When solids build up through neglect, or overuse, they can overflow into the drain field system, and clog drain pipes and soil.

Root Intrusionrootline

It is never a good idea to plant trees, or shrubs near, or over a drain field. You will notice that shrubbery near your drain field is larger and more robust than similar plants in other areas farther away. This is due to the additional moisture and nutrients the plants near the drain field are able to reach by extending their roots into drain field soil, and eventually into drain pipes.



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We are Conveniently Located for Fast Service. Our central location allows us to give prompt service to all of Rhode Island. In most cases we can be at your home or business within the hour. We know that when your drain is backed up it can impact your plans and the way your whole house or business operates. That is why we try to be as fast as we can so that you can get back tonormal functioning as fast as possible. Just give us a call and we will be there before you know it!


bluedrop picWe Offer Quality Service at Affordable Ratessave_money

Our primary focus at Dennis Diffley & Sons on providing every client with high quality and exceptional service facilitated by cutting edge technology, prompt appointments, competitive prices and outstanding customer service. Being a leader in the drain cleaning profession we seek to set an example of quality service at an affordable price. We also provide our clients with free estimates on all of our services.


bluedrop picWe Offer Preventive Maintenance Programs

preventive_maintenanceDennis Diffley & Sons Inc. offers a variety of Preventive Maintenance Programs that will keep your drains clear and flowing without interuption. We know that a backed up drain or flooding caused by an overflow can be a major disruption for you. Therefore we suggest you sign up for our preventive maintenace schedule that will help you avoid any future distruption of your activites at home or at your place of business . Just give us a call at 401-737-0560 to set up a regular scheduled maintenance of your drain lines if you have a problem line or one that has a lot of use. We will design a regular maintenance program that fits your needs.



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